Sand Filter

محصولات شرکت پاکمن

Packman Sand Filters


  • Construction

Packman sand filters for filtration insoluble in water with a turbidity of greater than 1 NTU, used in swimming pools and industrial use, made of steel plate ST. 37 (or 17MN4) the vertical cylinder with two torispherical head in different diameters and are individually.

Appropriateness diameter, number of nozzles and quickly washed the sand filter is the most important feature.

Geysers built on top of the sand filter matched of water into the tank makes it possible to pass the water through of silica have balanced.


  • Constriction Standard

All of our sand filters built according to ASME pressure vessel code Sec. VIII Div. 2


  • Head

Both of top and bottom head are torispherical. This type of head has a longer life and higher pressure resistance in the same thickness.

Sand Filter Welding

In sand filter welding process, we used ISAB SAW welding machine.  After assembling, vessel parts fit to gather by SAW welding and the bottom head welded by 6 passes for higher strength.


  • Sand

Sand has a 98 percent purity


Sand grading specification

Grade No.1 diameter

0.5-1.5 mm

Grade No.2 diameter

2-3.5 mm

Grade No.3 diameter

4-8 mm

Grade No.4 diameter

8-12 mm

Sand total height

1 m

Uniformity coefficient


  • Coating

Sand filter vessels coating with epoxy and painting about 275µ thickness.

  • Geysers

All geysers for filtered water are brass and the number of this geysers is about 50th in one square meter.