Packman Domestic Hot Water Storage Tank3000

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Packman Company with 30 years of experience in manufacturing pressure vessels and installa­tion equipment is one of the leading companies in this industry. Packman domestic hot water storage tank, with 600 to 12000 liter capacity. The body of these tanks is covered with two-part epoxy which will prevent further corrosion. The design process is compliant with ASME and BS. Additionally, the surfaces are sandblasted. The whole process is un­der full QC test. The materials used to make these tanks are either carbon Steel plate or Galvanized Steel plate according to what customers order.

The 19mm diameter pipes are designed quite flex­ible to expansion. They carry a twenty four-month guarantee. Furthermore, dependent on capacity, the manhole cover is included on tanks.

Major problem: It takes two minutes to make hot water in buildings; this takes more in houses with more bathrooms and longer pipeline which conse­quently, lead to loss of time and cost. Running the tap for long time to get the hot water, utilizes a lot of cold water. Mean water loss for a three-member family is 14000 gallons per year which I a large number. Our engineers, however; have solved this problem by designing fast flow water in pipes.

  • Manhole and handhole cover
  • Different thermal capacity
  • 19mm diagonal pipe
  • Sand blast
  • Internal two parts epoxy coating
  • 6, 8, 10, 12 gauge sheet metal
  • Standing the pressure up to 150 psi
  • Tori spherical head according to ASME
  • Cupric coil according to ASME, BS