16th International Exhibithon Of Building Industry In Tehran

تاریخ انتشار: 10 خرداد 1395
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Exhibition Title: 16th International Exhibithon Of Building Industry In Tehran

City: Tehran

Years Held: 2016

Start Date: 12-August-2016

Finish Date: 15-August-2016

Venue: International Exhibition Fairground (Tehran, Seoul, International Permanent Fairground )

Contact Details:

Phone: +9821 22662845

Fax:    +9821 22662847

E-mail info@iranconfair.ir

Site www.iranconfair.ir

The 16th International Exhibition Of Building Industry, will be held f in Tehran International Fairground and is embraces a large number of companies operating in the building industry.

Packman presence in the construction industry exhibition in Tehran, the 16th course:

Packman Company in the 16th International Fair building is also present as in previous years.

To visit the new achievements of the company, you can refer to Packman's hall. visit Packman Company Photo Gallery.


Packman booth layout plan:


Packman in 15th Exhibition Of Building Industry Of Tehran



Map of International Fairground of Tehran